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Manufacture of decorative ALU and PVC panels

The company "ROTKOM" was founded in 2001, with headquarters in Presevo. On the basis of the experience gained in 2014, the company "ROTK PANELS" was registered as a separate unit of ROTKOM, especially for the production of decorative panels.

With the main activity, the production of decorative ALU and PVC panels, we strive to beautify your living and business premises. In addition to standard ALU and PVC panels, the company Rotkom has expanded its production program over time. As a novelty, in the newly opened unit "ROTKOM PANELS", it started production of modern EB and INOX panels, which belong to the latest generation of modernized and luxurious panels. Possibilities and ideas are infinite, and therefore you have at your disposal too large a choice of over 100 standard models, in various colors RAL cards and in wood decor.

rotkom panels


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Quality and safety

PVC and aluminum panels from which are made entrance panels are the result of the latest technology and the best materials.

Modern design

Beautiful, interesting and unusual entrance doors are our expertise. We are always in line with world trends and without any problems we are adapting to your requirements.

Delivery Speed

After receiving the order, the panel is ready for assembly within 5 days.

Cordiality and service

Our kind staff will be happy to help you choose the ideal panel for the new dimension of your home.



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rotkom panels

rotkom panels

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rotkom panels



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